What are the promotional effects of promotional gifts on sales?

2018-04-02 11:02:58 Admin

Promotional gifts are gifts given to consumers for promoting popularity, increasing product sales, spreading product brands, and increasing product brand loyalty. Mainly used for pre-market brand promotion and product promotion, dissemination of marketing campaign information. It is a gift given to enhance the awareness of the potential target group before reaching cooperation. According to the communication goals, the company's brand, activities and product information can be transmitted. It is a way for merchants to create a place for the sake of market homogeneity. So, what are the promotional effects of promotional gifts on sales?

The role of promotional gifts

Promotional gifts, as a kind of gift for the dissemination of marketing campaign information, are specially purchased to increase the awareness of enterprises and public institutions in sales promotion or business activities, expand the market share of products, and obtain higher sales performance and profits.

A product that is a promotional gift is generally a product that bears a brand logo or enterprise logo and has a special meaning. It integrates novelty, singularity, craftsmanship, and practicality. It is highly targeted and makes the target consumers put it down. Gifts are investment in feelings, which can shorten the emotional distance between people, facilitate people's communication and exchange, reach consensus, and create a good business opportunity. At the same time, a gift is also an advertisement and a propaganda. A suitable gift can build a long-lasting and profound impression in the eyes of customers. The added value of buying free promotional gifts directly stimulates consumers to make purchases.

The value of promotional gifts

The value of promotional gifts can be summarized into the following five points:

1. Have more valuable and more valuable advertising spots than "gold".

2. Improve the stability of customers and increase the probability of referrals from customers.

3. In the increasingly fierce market competition, strive for more business, faster increase the speed and efficiency of the deal.

4 greatly enhance the company's brand awareness.

5. Unique business card, leaving a good impression on the customer. Promotional gifts As a means of contacting customers, promoting sales, and strengthening images, the correct use of meaning is far greater than the promotional items themselves. At the right time, the right person is given to the right person to promote sales and to better complete the mission of advertising promotional gifts. .

In short, the role of promotional gifts is to enhance the company's visibility, promote the company's products, but also demonstrate the strength of the company, plays a crucial role in sales.