What are the factors to consider when ordering a custom gift?

2018-04-06 11:07:04 Admin

When companies need to purchase gifts, especially for customized gifts and promotional gifts, they all have a time limit. If they miss an important time, the meaning and effect of the gifts will not be much effective. So, how to successfully complete the gift order within the specified time? What factors influence the delivery time of the customized gift? Baisen Baoye Co., Ltd. summarizes three points:

1. Determine the product

One problem with buyers of gifts is that they have to purchase gifts every year. When they don't even know what to buy, the user’s taste is constantly changing. At this time, we can consult our customer service staff. Which products can start production immediately, which products are suitable for this season, and which products are more attractive to specific users, we will arrange professional staff to answer them one by one, and then we will need to customize products as soon as possible.

2. Clear time

Gifts are generally tailor-made, you need the product, sometimes there are cash, and sometimes need production, but also took the print or change the packaging, this time, you must know what to do, first count yourself The time, that is, when to use these gifts, in counting the sample back and forth to determine the time, product processing time (stocking time), product transport time (this time is best to relax for a few days, because transport will often be due to the weather and Traffic situation, there are several days of delay). By budgeting these times, we can determine a rough delivery time.

3. Sample determination

When the product and time have been known, we begin to enter the next stage of the order, the determination of the sample. It is best to have original fonts and design manuscripts provided by you. This type of file is required to be a vector image (AI file or CDR file). The company's design department will provide you with printing design drawings, plate making, and re-submission. Proofing by the factory. If the sample is not well-defined, it will often appear several times. Because the typo and the pattern are not standardized, it will cause problems for the sample. We believe that before proofing, you can communicate with us on product details.